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Olink Analysis with a fast turn-around time

Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology is the unique technology behind our Olink® Target, Flex, and Focus panels. It enables high-throughput, multiplex immunoassays of proteins using minimal volumes of serum, plasma, or almost any other type of biological sample. – get unique, actionable insights into the real-time biology underlying human health and disease.

Key Features:

1. Precision Proteomics

Discover a new level of accuracy in biomarker analysis. The unique features of PEA technology overcome a long-standing and well recognized issue with immunoassays, the cross-reactivity of antibody binding and a loss of specificity of the signals that are detected. By virtue of PEA’s requirement for dual antibody recognition of the target protein and high-fidelity DNA hybridization and detection, any unspecific antibody binding event that may occur will not result in a readout signal.

2. Multiplexing Capability

Olink® Target 96 & 48 panels for targeted protein biomarker discovery enable faster, better-informed decisions in human protein biomarker research by providing high-multiplex immunoassays that do not compromise on either data quality or performance. Identifying multiple proteins that form a signature is more powerful and reliable than looking at a single protein.

3. Streamlined Workflows

Experience seamless workflows with Olink technology. Simply send your samples to our lab with trained experts in running the Olink platform. They will run the assays and rapidly provide you with the high–quality data you need for your study. From sample preparation to data analysis, our platform is designed for ease of use, enabling researchers to focus on the science, not the process.

4. Robust Validation

Trust in the reliability of your results and have confidence. Quality, rigor, and transparency are especially important values for Olink Proteomics. Consequently, all our assays are rigorously quality controlled, and our validation data is made freely available.

Olink Services:

1. Olink Target Services

Olink Target Services offer a curated selection of biology-focused panels for specific research needs. These panels cover a broad spectrum of biological pathways and diseases, providing a straightforward and efficient solution for biomarker discovery.

2. Olink Flex Services

For researchers with specific biomarkers of interest, Olink Flex Services offer the flexibility to create customized panels tailored to unique research questions. This personalized approach allows for a targeted investigation of specific proteins relevant to your study.

3. Olink Focus Services

Olink Focus Services dive deep into a particular area of interest, providing an in-depth analysis of a select group of proteins by creating a unique 21-plex custom-made panel tailored to customer needs. This specialized service is ideal for researchers looking to gain detailed insights into specific pathways or disease mechanisms.


Discover the versatility of Olink technology across various research domains:

1. Disease Biomarker Discovery

Uncover novel biomarkers for a wide range of diseases, from cancer to neurodegenerative disorders.

2. Drug Development

Accelerate drug discovery with detailed insights into drug mechanisms and efficacy.

3. Precision Medicine

Personalize patient treatment strategies by identifying unique biomarker profiles.

Why Choose Olink?

1. Scientific Excellence

Benefit from a technology backed by years of scientific expertise and continuous innovation.

2. Collaborative Partnerships

Join a global community of researchers and industry leaders leveraging Olink technology for groundbreaking discoveries.

3. Support and Training

With our in-house experts, digital tools and technical document library, we support you throughout the whole process of running your project, from study design to data interpretation.

Get Started with Olink

Ready to elevate your biomarker discovery? Contact us today to learn more about Olink technology and how our Target, Flex, and Focus Services can empower your research endeavors.


Q: How long does it take to receive Olink data back?

A: Prioritized product data usually takes around 3 days to be returned after sample acquisition. Currently the longest turn-around times run about 1 week.

Q: How much serum is needed for analysis?

A: Our Olink systems are very sensitive, requiring about 1-2 microliters of serum per sample per run. 

Q: Does Olink provide qualification that is absolute or relative?

A: Yes! Olink panels Target 48, Flex and Focus provide both relative and absolute data qualification based on client needs. Target 96  also provides relative quantification based on protein expression vs a control, or temporal changes based on before and after treatments.  

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